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Welcome to Birmingham Development, LLC

Birmingham Development specializes in a very narrow part of the San Francisco real estate  commercial market.  We essentially look for very high end properties that need  complete renovation in well located areas.  Typically a building will be stripped down to the barest walls and floor systems and completely rebuilt to meet current codes, including but not limited to seismic upgrades, current ADA access, new bathrooms, new telecommunications network, new air conditioning  and lighting systems throughout.  Our properties are then managed and owned by Birmingham Development.

What differentiates our company from many of our competitors is that we do not operate as a fund that takes outside investors.  We complete each building purchase with an instutional  lender like a bank or an insurance company.  Our properties have 50% LTV ratio's (Loan to value) or less.  Having this fiscal discipline results in never having financial pressure should rents "go down".  In 15 years of owning and developing real estate we have never been in default on any property, even for a month.

Birmingham Development does not typically buy and sell properties, but buys properties and holds them for the long term.  Our tenants have a long term relationship with Birmingham Development and because we have several different types and sizes of buildings, our tenants have the ability to expand in the building they are in or can move to another building as they grow.   Typically when working with a new prospective tenant, Birmingham Development will analyze that tenant's needs and develop a conceptual plan which the tenant can "sign off" on.  Once the process is complete, Birmingham Development will produce all City required drawings and permits, and complete construction to allow the tenant to "move in" on schedule.
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Birmingham Development prides itself in maintaining the original integrity of some of the oldest buildings in San Francisco.  We believe that San Francisco's  architectural heritage is what makes this City so unique and special.  Please read what some others have found special about our work.

Every major new construction project is required to dedicate 2% of the construction cost to Public Art