945 Battery Street Located in the historical ‘Barbary Coast Trail’. This building is surrounded by original cobblestones and railway lines from the early 1900s, and the property itself is sited as a historical Class “B” building.  In 1907 it was a wine storage warehouse in the North waterfront area of the city. The building is a 70,000 sq. ft. brick and timber, characteristic of the materials used in the neighborhood.

Notable tenants include; Xero, Inc. and Second Life, the futuristic web site corporation of the same name. The renovation of the property was completed by well-known architect Aston Pereira and Associates.

Our standout feature in this revamped Landmark building is the penthouse on the top floor which gives stunning views of downtown and the Bay Bridge.  The re-purposed original barn doors, which are visible at the building entrance, pay homage to times gone by.

945 Battery Street